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  • Masked Muggers in Leeds

    Masked Muggers in Leeds

    Over the past weeks, numerous students have been brutally attacked within the areas surrounding Notre Dame. The group are said to be concealing their faces with ski masks and balaclavas […]

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  • Justin Vernon

    Bon Iver at O2 Academy Leeds 10.11.11

    Tickets for the whole Bon Iver tour sold out so quickly, that I felt privileged to have even had a ticket with my name on it. I had high expectations […]

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  • The Wombats at Sheffield O2 Academy, October 4th

    The Wombats at Sheffield O2 Academy, October 4th

    In 2003 at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Matthew Murphy, Dan Haggis and Tord Øverland-Knudsen formed The Wombats.  Four years later they released their first album, “The Wombats Proudly Present: […]

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  • Paranormal…predictability?


    Paranormal activity, a well-known and popular supernatural franchise, has finally produced what could know name it a trilogy. Paranormal activity 3, the third chilling (whether in a good or bad […]

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  • Is this really better than the orginal??

    No New Bright Ideas?

    Is it that the intuitive minds of film writers worldwide have given up? Or is the old saying “the old ones are the best,” more true today than ever before? […]

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  • Be Inspired

    Be Inspired

    Sylvester Leader, a Motivational Speaker and a former Personal Adviser at Notre Dame 6th Form College, came back to the College to talk to students about Black History, celebrated in […]

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  • 3D Cinema, is it worth it?

    3D Cinema, is it worth it?

    With the re-release of The Lion King in 3D and more re-vamps of beloved films on their way, does this mean that the cinema experience is changing and what does […]

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  • Main stage hill, Green Man festival 2011

    Over the hills and to the Green Man

    In a year of low ticket sales for the big UK music festivals, Green Man has sold more tickets than ever before and it’s certainly easy to see why. Set in the […]

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  • Outside Cottage Road

    Support the Cottage

    I realise suggesting a cinema other than ‘Vue’ seems like madness, but I assure you it’s not, honest. Yes, other cinemas that do not leave you with a ridiculous oversized […]

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