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I realise suggesting a cinema other than ‘Vue’ seems like madness, but I assure you it’s not, honest. Yes, other cinemas that do not leave you with a ridiculous oversized drink in one hand and an empty wallet in the other. Cinemas such as Cottage Road Cinema.

At Cottage road, you can actually enjoy the long forgotten cinema experience of old fashioned ticket stubs, a single screen and proper cinema food. Rather than spending the length of a film glaring down at the imbecile who bought those hideous smelling nachos.

Take for example my recent trip to see ‘The Letter’, part of the cinemas ‘Classics at the Cottage’ promotion. Where once a month, loved film classics make a much anticipated return to the silver screen. ‘The Letter’ a film adaptation of the 1927 play of the same name by W. Somerset Maugham, directed by William Wyler. Rekindled my love of film, due to sublime acting from Bette Davis as the devious Leslie Crosbie and James Stephenson as Howard Joyce the attorney faced with an agonising moral struggle. If not for Cottage Road, I would have been denied of such a pleasure.

‘So, how have I not heard of such a wonderful place?’ you ask yourself. Well, as one of the oldest cinemas in Leeds, if not the country as well as providing first class entertainment and service, I to wonder why you have not heard of it. Unfortunately, the answer seems to be the increase of multi screen cinemas, causing the film crowd to sadly dwindle down.

However, you can make a difference. Yes you. Rather than being tempted by outrageous prices and simply atrocious nachos that all multiplex cinemas seem to offer now. Go to cottage road and support small business cinema and its quaint and unique charm. And enjoy classic and modern film at an affordable price.

Francis Shevlin

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