Masked Muggers in Leeds

Over the past weeks, numerous students have been brutally attacked within the areas surrounding Notre Dame. The group are said to be concealing their faces with ski masks and balaclavas and hiding in hedges before they pounce on the unsuspecting students who they are believed to be targeting.
A large majority of the attacks have involved robbery however it has been said that some victims have feared that they were simply being attacked as the gang simply found it amusing. Two of the victims have required hospital treatment as a result of the ruthless attacks. Like our college, the students now fear further violent attacks and students are being urged not to walk alone at night.
Ten students were assaulted and robbed within half an hour in Woodhouse on Wednesday and the group of 10 to 15 men were involved in seven incidents between 20:00 and 20:30 GMT, police have said.
As a result of the recent rise in muggings, West Yorkshire Police said they were carrying out extra patrols across the area of the city in an attempt to reassure local residents. The police are said to be working closely with security staff at the University of Leeds, which has also increased patrols.
In recent news it was revealed that a meeting took place to discuss the attacks and was held in Headingly with police, councillors and the Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland, taking part. Mr Mulholland revealed that “The police have already made arrests as well as having extra patrols on the streets.” However Mr Mulholland also said that he thinks it is important to remember the attacks had been “random”, targeting both students and non-students alike.
It has recently been said that six people were arrested following the series of street robberies, some of them on students themselves. They were released following interviews.

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