The Thailand Appeal

The rescue mission
Notre Dame Students at the heart of it
The floods in Thailand occurred after a severe monsoon season at the end of July.  Floods persisted till mid January 2012, resulting in 815 deaths and over 13.6 million people affected. The floods were described as ‘worst flooding ever, in terms of amount of water and people affected.
However these severe floods in Thailand received very little news coverage and was little discussed in the media, this upset a Notre Dame student Paleerat Wattanakul, originally from Thailand, and she took it upon herself to inform the school, and try to raise money for aid in Thailand. With the help of her friends, they found out more information about the floods, and appealed to the student senate for help and ideas on how to raise the money. She appealed to the school with a power point explaining everything that has happened and with the help of the English department, raised £380 through a bun sale, this is equivalent to £15000 in Thailand, she says ‘this money will help with buying medicines, food and other equipment, and also support workers out in Thailand who work for free to try and help them, the money we’ve raised will help northern and central Thailand as they were the worst hit areas’. Since December things are beginning to improve for the people of Thailand, with more international aid coming
in, however the flooding still persists in certain areas
By Shona Cain

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