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Hopefully the majority of you will be aware of the Fairtrade group that has been running in college since the start of 2011. The group was set up to raise awareness about Fairtrade to the college community and achieve Fairtrade status, an aim that is almost accomplished through fulfilling criteria such as the sale of Fairtrade products, promotion outside of the college community and the idea of getting everyone involved – students, parents and governors.

Since it has begun, the group has undertaken many activities around college in order to promote Fairtrade. There have been several Fairtrade assemblies, the production of a Fairtrade booklet and a Fairtrade video, which can be seen on the Notre Dame Fairtrade Facebook page – alongside news about future events, photos from Fairtade Fortnight for you to get involved in.

The group has certainly taken an active role in the college, and also the wider community. You may have noticed that Fairtrade products such as chocolate, cereal bars and sweets have also been sold around college, and the hand print poster created by the Fairtrade group that is displayed in the upper common room. Last year, we even saw a Fairtrade debate which took place in the lecture theatre where students had the opportunity to share their thoughts regarding topical Fairtrade issues. Several members of the Fairtrade group are also in contact with local primary schools to try and set up workshops to promote Fairtrade.

This week commencing the 5th of March marks the start of Fairtrade fortnight, and as you may have guessed, the group has organised several activities that you can get involved in. We will be reporting on the events later on, but for now here is a breakdown of the events that will be taking place:

Running throughout the fortnight – There will be a banana hunt. Entry is 20p, and around college there will be posters with letters printed on them. The idea is to find all the letters and unscramble the letters to make a Fairtrade connected word. On the final Friday of Fairtrade week there will be a prize draw where a winner will be picked out

Tuesday 6th – There will be a Fairtrade tea party in the main hall at lunchtime. Fairtrade tea and coffee and biscuits will be sold

Wednesdays 7th and 14th – Cake and bun sale in the upper common room at break time

Thursday 15th – The Fairtrade group would like everyone to dress up in the Fairtrade colours – blue, black and green outside Cuvilly to try and make the Fairtrade logo

For those of you who would like to join, the group meets every Wednesday in room 85 (psychology room in Cuvilly), or have a look at the Fairtrade section on Moodle under the Student Senate section for more information.


By Grace Marsh

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