The Fairtrade Launch Picnic

On Thursday 27th September, Notre Dame’s Fairtrade group held a picnic in the hall to launch this year’s campaign and celebrate the college’s new Fairtrade status.

Buns were baked, lemonade made and Cadbury’s chocolate handed out for free. Students swarmed the hall on Thursday lunchtime looking to buy from a selection of the handmade baked goods on offer; members of the Fairtrade group contributed their own home-made cakes and lemonade to raise money for charity and awareness for Fairtrade, and with great success. Representatives from Cadbury’s also came and handed out free chocolate, helping to raise the profile of the event as, apparently, free chocolate is very popular.
The launch picnic also gave the college a chance to unveil the plaque that has been created in celebration of the college’s first ever year of Fairtrade status. Fairtrade status basically means that Notre Dame has made and shown their commitment to supporting and using Fairtrade, making the products more available within college; all in all, a very good thing.

Keep an eye out for more Fairtrade events coming soon.

By Meaghan Spencer

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