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  • The Twilight Saga: Is it really over?

    The Twilight Saga: Is it really over?

    Unless you live under a rock, or avoid Facebook and teenage girls all together you may be blissfully un-aware of the Twilight phenomenon, it began with four books that spawned […]

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  • Its all about Leeds – Eagulls Gig Review

    Its all about Leeds – Eagulls Gig Review

    Despite an impromptu change of venue and a little panic, we made it to the Nation of Shopkeepers, after a very well-anticipated Eagulls gig, with support band Drenge. Initially, I […]

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  • Taylor Swift’s Red

    Taylor Swift’s Red

    For the die-hard Swiftie’s, the release of Speak Now in 2010 seems like too long to wait for the next Taylor Swift instalment. The long awaited self-titled album Red came […]

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  • Black History Month disappointment

    Black History Month disappointment

    The question about Black History Month have always been on the minds of young people, for example ‘what is the main point of black history month’ and ‘how comes it’s […]

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  • The 2012 Electoral Campaign

    The 2012 Electoral Campaign

    So, who’s been watching the Election this month? I know we all now know who’s won, but there’s nothing wrong with a general run down of what happened in the […]

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  • Young Adult Novels: A Cliché?

    Young Adult Novels: A Cliché?

    Young Adult novels have had their fair share of slander over the years, but should a novel aimed a specific audience really be disregarded because of said audience? I’m not […]

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  • Mental Health Awareness

    Mental Health Awareness

    October is Mental Health Awareness Month, and part of this is raising awareness of mental health issues, and trying to raise public understanding of these conditions. As a quarter of […]

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  • We accept PV

    Dubbed the next libertines, Palma violets have taken the indie rock scene by storm, blasting the now ‘been-there-done-that-heard-it-all-before, indie dance pop out of the water with their painfully cool and […]

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