Black History Month disappointment

The question about Black History Month have always been on the minds of young people, for example ‘what is the main point of black history month’ and ‘how comes it’s never actually a whole month’.

Black history month have changed considerably to incorporate Asian history into as well. Many People believe that Black history month should not be scrapped but changed to fit into the modern society we live in now, to engage the minds of not just young black youths but of every ethnic group. The social justice group in Notre dame tried this new vision of black history month in their college, by changing the name from Black History Month to World Heritage Week, which would incorporate every ethnic group, heritage, history and contribution that they made in modern society. This new innovative Idea would have taken place over a week in October, this week would be jammed packed with activities for the young people of the college for example ‘world food day’ which would involves the college canteen serving foods from different countries for a whole day, giving out samples, another example is the dress in your native countries tradition dress, this was mostly popular among the younger people.

However hopes were dashed as one member of staff disliked the idea as she felt it would ‘cause animosity between the students’, this was a huge disappointment for the social justice group who claimed that ‘World Heritage day was never meant in anyway shape or form, to cause animosity to any of the students or members of staff in Notre Dame. As a black Caribbean student at Notre Dame, I felt that Black History month doesn’t offer any significance to students, we do now learn about black history in class, or in the assemblies, from what I see all we seem to hear is ‘we were once slaves, and now we are not’ and the only black people were learn about is Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. There are many other people who contributed to black history and we seem to be denied this information. World heritage day would be able to offer students this information and extra information about other nations and their history, every culture in this college should feel heard done, we are denied information that would open our eyes to the diversity of our college, and embrace it. Fear of the unknown leads to ignorance and ignorance leads to animosity, how can we expect to grow as a community and as people if we know nothing about our neighbours and the other students in this college?

By Shona Cain

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