Taylor Swift’s Red

For the die-hard Swiftie’s, the release of Speak Now in 2010 seems like too long to wait for the next Taylor Swift instalment. The long awaited self-titled album Red came out just last month and since has received incredible reviews. With Red there comes a breath of fresh air as Swift brings a collection of hits for fans to sink their teeth into.
The striking thing about Taylor Swift with her new album is the significant difference in her personality. It takes a different perspective on love compared to her past album which makes her come across as a young woman instead of just a teen age girl. A mature outlook brings about a bunch of beautiful ballads. With a huge 16 track album (23 if you have the Deluxe), Swift illustrates to us her relationships and the struggle she’s obviously faced.
The album starts out on a bit of a sour note with songs such as The State of Grace and I Knew You Were Trouble. She sings to us that she feels alone with her changing mind and that she knew he was trouble. It’s widely assumed that her romance with Jake Gylenhaall in late 2011 could have inspired these hits and the title of the album – Red. It was a whirlwind romance in which she says she could only describe as a fluster of brightness, romance and anger all at the same time to which she summarises as Red.
A Swift album is seldom complete without some depressive tracks. An example on this album is her collaboration with Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol. The song has quite a sad tone which is fine if you’re in that kind of mood but otherwise could dampen the cheeriest of folks’ spirits. The names in the title with Sad Beautiful Tragic which also has a similar theme of sadness and a love lost. The album wouldn’t be complete without a chart topping hit. Red gives us We are Never Getting Better, that although is a track of incredible lyrical catchiness becomes equally repetitive.

By Louis Glazzard

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