Homework Vs. Actual Work

After the first term of college one thing that’s noticeable is that everyone seemed to want a part time job. Whether it’s for money or just because your friends have a job it can seem like everyone has one. Some people think that if you have one you can start slipping in college and focus more on the cash than the grades.

When you get a part time job in college then you get what everyone wants. Money! For some less privileged students this is an essential. The ever increasing costs of things like driving lessons make the need the money sometimes quite desperate. Getting a job in college is perfect to help with costs like this. One other major benefit is that it introduces you to the working world and gets an extra reference on your CV. However, some people argue that on top of the stress of A- Levels, a part time job is the last thing that students at college need. It can tire students out making their grades slip in college and perform worse in exams. The main thing is focus, so if you do find a job, college should be your first priority.

I asked Abi Foster, a student at Notre Dame who works at centre parks Café over her weekend what she thinks about tackling a part time job and college. She said “It can be stressful but as long as you’re organised and separate your time well, you should be fine”.
So, if you do manage to find yourself a job while you’re at Notre Dame, well done! Don’t let your job be prioritised over your college work. Enjoy the cash, while it lasts because at his age you never know, this could be the richest time of your life.

By Louis Glazzard

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