Mighty Mumford Impress Again

As Mumford and Sons prepare to make their much anticipated comeback, it seems like centuries since their debut album ‘Sigh no More’. This international tour of arenas is a far cry from anything done before by the folk-pop 4-piece phenomenon, and having previously seen them perform at a much smaller and more intimate venue, I was slightly nervous as to whether my high expectations would be met. This was an arena to hold almost 50,000 –Mumford and Sons were really going to have to perform to impress. Not to mention that the average arena tour is dull with no real atmosphere. However, the mighty Mumford and Sons not only met expectations, but exceeded them. Without seeing the performance, you would be sure to presume this performance was to an audience of less than 100. Mumford and Sons managed to command respect – and silence – like no other band I’ve seen. They played a perfect mix of old and new songs, ensuring all the favourites were included, as well as lesser known songs – I’m sure they would have pulled off the show with all their least known songs, but this certainly did ensure that the audience had a brilliant time. Despite a presumably huge budget for the tour, the band decided on minimal decorations, using only strings of fairy lights to deck the arena out. And, when the band came back on for an encore, they managed to get complete silence from the otherwise energetic set list to play two acapella numbers. Unimaginable, but it worked. Topping the whole thing off with a rendition of ‘With a little help from my friends’, Mumford managed to create an atmosphere a million miles away from that of a typically mundane arena tour. This is one I’ll be reliving with nostalgia for many a year to come.

By Sophie Whitehead

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