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  • NMP3 and the Power of the Tweet

    NMP3 and the Power of the Tweet

    On Sunday 10th February, the campaigners at the No More Page 3 HQ encouraged supporters, “to tweet Rupert Murdoch and tell him yourself, in your very own words why you think […]

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  • Review of Twelfth Night

    Review of Twelfth Night

    “If music be the food of love, play on”. Twelfth Night has to be one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies. The Apollo theatre in London is currently host to a […]

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  • Valentine’s Day or ‘Buy our tat day?’

    Valentine’s Day or ‘Buy our tat day?’

    Without risking sounding like a Valentine’s scrooge, I’ve been noticing that the 14th of February seems to be more about the gimmick than the love. It’s often noted that Valentine […]

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  • Fairtrade Fortnight!

    Fairtrade Fortnight!

    We’d like to alert you all to the fact that Fairtrade Fortnight is coming up the first two weeks back after half term! The Fairstock Festival will be held on […]

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  • Fiona Apple – Tidal

    Fiona Apple – Tidal

    Tidal is the first album of Fiona Apple, a talented singer-songwriter who, following her debut, has released albums of critical and commercial acclaim. This album whilst not her best remains […]

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