Valentine’s Day or ‘Buy our tat day?’

Without risking sounding like a Valentine’s scrooge, I’ve been noticing that the 14th of February seems to be more about the gimmick than the love. It’s often noted that Valentine ’s Day is a consumerism technique to make us buy things for our so called ‘loved ones’ that they don’t necessarily need. No one’s a stranger to the cheap valentine tat of a ‘me to you bear’ or an expensive bunch of flowers that you could probably find on sale the next day for half the price.

But what is Valentine’s Day really supposed to be about? The answer is love.
It sounds cliché to say that we should focus more on the love on Valentine’s day, but isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about and not how much our partner spent on us? I agree on a day were you spend time with the people you love but the rush to buy ASDA’s new edition of the ‘Onesie’, the ‘Twosie’ is beyond me.
Have fun this valentine, spending time with your valentine but don’t spend too much as it should be more about the quality of your love rather than the quantity.

By Louis Glazzard

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