Notre Dame’s Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight saw a multitude of events that raised over £100 for charity. With the majority of events being fuelled by cake and biscuits from the numerous bake sales held, the fortnight demonstrated the importance of Fairtrade both within college and across the world.

The aims of Fairtrade are to make sure that farmers and workers in the developing world work and are paid on fair terms of trade, meaning that companies are encouraged to pay sustainable prices that never fall below the market price.

Whilst Notre Dame’s Fairtrade Fortnight gave everyone the opportunity to learn more about the Fairtrade scheme and become more involved within college, it also allowed many students to demonstrate their talents at the college’s own festival, ‘Fairstock’.
As with any festival, face and body painting, live music and food was available in the hall at lunchtime on Thursday 7th March. Spokespeople from Cadbury’s returned to the college with games and freebies whilst numerous students and teachers pledged to support the Fairtrade campaign by signing up to the balloon launch.
Over the fortnight, the Fairtrade group was shown support and encouragement from the college and succeeded in spreading the message of Fairtrade and selling an awful lot of cake.
The Fairtrade group meet every Thursday lunchtime in room 86.

by Meaghan Spencer

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