• Review of Twelfth Night

    Review of Twelfth Night

    “If music be the food of love, play on”. Twelfth Night has to be one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies. The Apollo theatre in London is currently host to a […]

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  • Valentine’s Day or ‘Buy our tat day?’

    Valentine’s Day or ‘Buy our tat day?’

    Without risking sounding like a Valentine’s scrooge, I’ve been noticing that the 14th of February seems to be more about the gimmick than the love. It’s often noted that Valentine […]

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  • Fairtrade Fortnight!

    Fairtrade Fortnight!

    We’d like to alert you all to the fact that Fairtrade Fortnight is coming up the first two weeks back after half term! The Fairstock Festival will be held on […]

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  • Homework Vs. Actual Work

    Homework Vs. Actual Work

    After the first term of college one thing that’s noticeable is that everyone seemed to want a part time job. Whether it’s for money or just because your friends have […]

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  • Black History Month disappointment

    Black History Month disappointment

    The question about Black History Month have always been on the minds of young people, for example ‘what is the main point of black history month’ and ‘how comes it’s […]

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  • Young Adult Novels: A Cliché?

    Young Adult Novels: A Cliché?

    Young Adult novels have had their fair share of slander over the years, but should a novel aimed a specific audience really be disregarded because of said audience? I’m not […]

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  • An re-introduction to ‘The Bottom Line’

    An re-introduction to ‘The Bottom Line’

    Once again we enter another college year and preparations for exams have already begun. This means that work has been coming at us all thick and fast, so this introduction […]

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  • The Fairtrade Launch Picnic

    The Fairtrade Launch Picnic

    On Thursday 27th September, Notre Dame’s Fairtrade group held a picnic in the hall to launch this year’s campaign and celebrate the college’s new Fairtrade status. Buns were baked, lemonade […]

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  • Ever fancied working abroad?

    Ever fancied working abroad?

    During the February half-term holiday a group of French and Spanish students from Notre Dame embarked upon a daunting week of work in a foreign country. That’s right, while you […]

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