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  • The Casual Vacancy –  A Review

    The Casual Vacancy – A Review

    I, like so many others, had a major part of my childhood shaped by the world J.K. Rowling had created. I grew up with seven books and eight films (plus […]

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  • New Topshop

    New Topshop

    The opening of a new Topshop on Leeds Briggate has attracted shopaholics from far and wide to witness the spectacle that is the largest Topshop outside of London. With its […]

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  • An re-introduction to ‘The Bottom Line’

    An re-introduction to ‘The Bottom Line’

    Once again we enter another college year and preparations for exams have already begun. This means that work has been coming at us all thick and fast, so this introduction […]

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  • Boobs Aren’t News

    A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a campaign that was petitioning against Page 3 in The Sun newspaper. Headed by Lucy-Anne Holmes, this campaign has taken off and […]

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  • 1Q84: the Japanese trilogy

    1Q84: the Japanese trilogy

    This trilogy of books, translated from the original Japanese, have been taking the literary world by storm for their new description of the basic Orwellian idea of Dystopia. Haruki Murakami, […]

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  • The Fairtrade Launch Picnic

    The Fairtrade Launch Picnic

    On Thursday 27th September, Notre Dame’s Fairtrade group held a picnic in the hall to launch this year’s campaign and celebrate the college’s new Fairtrade status. Buns were baked, lemonade […]

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  • Frank Turner at Wembley: his mum, tattoos and wanting to dance.

    Frank Turner at Wembley: his mum, tattoos and wanting to dance.

    On the Friday 13th April around 12,000 fans surged to Wembley Arena to celebrate Frank Turner’s first headlining arena concert. Having played over a thousand shows it has been said […]

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  • Well done on your Exam successes!

    The past few months proved a very daunting, stressful and exhausting time for many Notre Dame students, who after sitting their January exams, recently received their results. There were a […]

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  • Welsh Champion Squad

    Wales Grand Slam Champions 2012!

    The Welsh Rugby team secured their third Grand Slam within the last eight years on Saturday afternoon after beating France 16 – 9. Hosted at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, […]

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  • The Fairtrade tea party group

    Tea in the name of Fairtrade

    Tuesday saw one of the main events of the Fairtrade fortnight – the Fairtrade Tea Party. Many students turned up to show their support towards Fairtrade and purchased the homemade […]

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